First Year Training...

Below we have listed some of the structured classes from the first year of training in Moon River Wicca. Aside from the structured classes, of which there are a mixture of theoretical and practical, we also run and encourage extracurricular activities and coursework modules. Coursework is designed to carry through the learning curve as new subjects are absorbed, and assist the student with taking responsibility for their own spiritual journey. Extracurricular activities are fun and informal while still being educational. These range from movie deconstruction nights, to visiting other pagan open circles. We also like to encourage visits to pagan, wiccan or druid camps to open up a different perspective on our teachings.

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What is Moon River Wicca? An Introductory Class and Discussion

The History Of The Craft and Its Place In Modern Day Society

The Many Faces Of Divinity: The Lord & Lady and Birth, Death, Rebirth of the God/dess

Wiccan & Sacred Texts: Fact, Fiction, Opinion, Channelled, Inspired, Researched, New and Old

The Wiccan Rede: including The Threefold Law

The Wheel Of The Year 1: Greater Sabbats

Morals and Ethics Of The Craft: Regulations, Respect, and Truth

The Wheel Of The Year 2: Lesser Sabbats

Tools Of The Craft: Working With Them and Without Them

Energy Work: Raising, Grounding and Centering

Circle Casting: Theory and Practice

Elements and Elementals: Workshop – Including Creative Play

The Structure Of Ritual Part 1: Theory, Overview and Preparation

The Structure of Ritual Part 2: Practical including Demonstration by 2nd and 3rd Level Students

Art of Meditation and Visualisation In The Craft

Esbats: What Are Lunar Festivals? Why Do We Celebrate Them? What Do They Represent?

Magick Part 1: Theory and Sympathetic Magick

Crystals: Healing Properties and Magickal Use

Magick Part 2: Practical - Colour, Candle and Cord

Healing Part 1:Hedge Witchery, Herbal Lore

Magick Part 3: Practical – Talismans, Charms, Spell Bags

Divination Part 1: Dowsing With Rods And Pendulums

Healing Part 2: Energy, Hands On and Distance Healing

Divination Part 2: The Tarot

Other Pagan Paths and Alternative Belief Systems

Course Review and Open Discussion

Where Do We Go From Here? Coven, Solitary, Still Searching, Or Tell Me More?!

1st Degree Initiation and Presenting Certificates

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